Currently, hybris is the most innovative and the most widely used solution in the e-commerce sector by mobile and desktop users alike.
We implement hybris We deliver the expertise and service for the architecture and the implementation of the hybris platform. Our consultants are there for you at all stages, starting with the process of implementation and continuing with a high-end platform servicing and development. A great number of successfully completed projects speaks to our team’s professionalism and experience. The integrated hybris/SAP solution As a team, SI-eCommerce and SI-Consulting ensure that our customers receive a fully integrated hybris/SAP construction. This creates the possibility of implementing solutions that reach beyond the capacities of isolated systems. The final product allows for a maximum effectiveness, making time-efficient and smooth accomplishment of business processes a reality.
Analysis Full and effective analysis of the client’s needs
Support in the selection of the most optimal solutions
Proven, leading methodologies guarantee your project’s quality
Adjusting available solutions to the markets’ ever-changing needs
Setting our clients’ business priorities apart from the work of IT support
Exchange of knowledge and experience
Consulting and training Our experts are eager to assist in the preparation of the most optimal solution at all stages of project development. We believe that success is built on trust and cooperation between our team of experienced consultants and the client’s body of specialists. Our specialized training as well as our focus on the transfer of knowledge guarantee an optimized team cooperation.


SI-eCommerce comprises programmers, analytics and consultants with over 10 years of experience and involvement in national and international markets.
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